Thursday, December 20, 2007

God Bless Ye Merrily Spending Gentlemen

I’m not sure if Shawn Macomber’s latest qualifies as a pro-consumer-binge article; that would be an overly simplistic view of the piece. WIthout a doubt, though, it qualifies as a slap to the face of the folks who want to turn Christmas into a dour season of crappy pseudo-gifts and anti-capitalist sentiment.

Now, I’m all about remembering the “TRUE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS” (which, with ALL CAPS should show you just how seriously I take the TRUE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS). As a Christian, there is something beyond the fruitcake (thank God), twinkly lights, and loads of loot. There is even something beyond the credit card bills that will haunt me well past the well-defined season of giving. I could write a very long post about my thoughts about the meaning of the birth of Jesus because it truly is that important to me and my religious convictions. But Christmas is significant beyond the remembrance and celebration of that birth, and it doesn’t necessarily reduce the holiday to a secular state to embrace that other part of the season.

I like giving gifts to people. I like to find something for the special people in my life that shows them how much I think of them--not how much I think of my own political beliefs or my own causes, but about the things that they love and care about. There is nothing at all wrong with buying gifts--nice gifts, meaningful gifts--for the people you love. It isn’t un-Christian or shallow or morally inferior to care enough about your family and friends to put smiles on their faces and share your own good fortune.

To all the anti-consumer sentiment brewing out there, I say, “Humbug, my baby’s getting something sparkly this year.”


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