Friday, April 14, 2006

Fun with Dick and Jane, DVD Review

The biggest problem with Fun with Dick and Jane is that it isn’t very funny. It felt like work to find a handful of chuckles, and none of the “best” moments were memorable. That’s the biggest problem with the flick; the smaller problems are harder to track (of course, I’ll give it a shot).

Jim Carrey is lifeless in the role (shocking considering that he was the producer) and exhibits none of the charisma that he showed in, for example, Truman Show. The narrative is something less than interesting. It seems so far removed from the reality of corporate America, job hunting, and financial difficulties that it can’t actually resonate with viewers. Dick and Jane’s son isn’t so much a character as a prop to be brought out for the occasional joke. The writing stinks. The closing credits starts with a “thank you” to a list of people like Ken Lay and to companies like Enron and ImClone which might have been witty in a smarter movie. Unfortunately this isn’t that movie, so it just comes across as churlish and stupid.

So, yeah, I wouldn’t exactly recommend this one.


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