Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Football Season is Drawing to a Close, American Idol Season Begins: Sad, Isn’t It?

American Idol returns and, sadly, that means I’m going to share my thoughts on one of TV’s worst shows.

Sure, there are a few reasonably talented singers that make it through, but we watch these early episodes for the train wrecks, don’t we? We watch to see the people who think that shouting the lyrics is somehow the same thing as singing with a powerful voice. We watch for the strange outfits that make you wonder if people really take their few minutes of TV time seriously. We watch for the angry outbursts when some horrific singer is told to take a hike. And we watch for Simon (who is, quite possibly, the most vicious figure on TV) to say something innapropriate, mean, or just plain odd.

Tonight was filled with all of the above, sprinkled with an extra dose of cruelty from Simon. In fact, Simon stepped a little beyond the usual funny, pointed comments and right into “jeez, he’s kind of a prick” territory.

But the thing that I found most interesting was the Paris Hilton wannabe with the, ahem, bronzed skin and terrifying make-up. With the introduction of her mother, I realized that some parents can actually be guilty of child abuse simply by being involved in their children’s lives.

Sad, that.

Will I watch tomorrow night? I have dinner plans tomorrow that may well save me from my own base television instincts. Of course, she likes trash TV even more than I do, so I may still find myself wide-eyed over the singing and antics of my fellow Denverites.


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