Saturday, March 14, 2009

Examples of Bad Decision Making

Not to make light of the vile nature of Stephen Quick and Samantha Light’s actions, but I want to know why any parents might trust the meth addict in the “Satisfaction Guaranteed” t-shirt to watch their kids?

Samantha Light, of Veedersburg, Indiana, Light faces four counts of child molestation and one count of child exploitation in a child exploitation case that local authorities called “horrible, just horrible.”

The young girl’s mother told reporters, “I asked her if they were just helping her in the bathroom and she said, ‘No mommy, they took pictures.”

Deputies seized several computers, cameras, a video camera, pornographic materials, drugs and drug paraphernalia during an initial search of the couple’s home, said Fountain County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Bob Kemp.

They also found a videotape that showed several sexual acts involving both Stephen Quick, 31, and Samantha Light, 25, with at least four different children between the ages of 2 months and 6 years old, Kemp said.

I’m glad I’m not a parent faced with all the difficulties of the world (or the diapers that come with kids for that first bit of their lives), but I honestly can’t imagine being in a situation where I would put my faith in those two.

This isn’t to say that the parents are to blame for what those two did--but I’m betting there are some folks out there wondering why they didn’t listen to that little voice in their heads that told them that those two couldn’t be trusted to keep the kids from the E-Z Meth Cooking Kit in the basement. Without worrying specifically about the kind of abuse that took place, it doesn’t seem hard to imagine many other kinds of problems with this duo.

Anyway, yet another example of the existence of evil in the world.


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