Friday, August 24, 2007

Doodles of Doom (A Little Contest) (Updated)

Admittedly, we’ve only heard one side of the story of the young man who was suspended for doodling a picture of a handgun on his homework; perhaps there is a history of threats or there was a threatening message with that doodle. But if his mom is to be believed, that isn’t the case; the school suspended him for a drawing and nothing more.

Are handguns so scary that even a (very) roughly drawn rendering of one is enough to send a school administration into fits of stupidity? And, honestly, if we’re going to start sending boys home for the weapons of roughly sketched destruction in the margins of their notebooks or on the back of their homework, then you might as well send the boys home now. Guns, bullets, missiles, tanks, rockets, planes, swords, daggers, and other assorted destructive bits of technology are just something that the average boy does. Only when they are attached to specific threats and other disturbing behavior should the fascination with implements of doom be deemed “scary.”

Now, who would be up for doodling for me? I’m going to do some doodles of my own and scan them in later this evening. Over the weekend, I will gather my Doodles of Doom and those of anyone who wants to play along and post them in a gallery Monday morning.

There will be a $25 Amazon gift certificate for the doodle deemed most entertaining by the teeming masses who read RSong. Which means we should get at least four or five votes evenly split between four or five entries leaving me quite confused as to what to do. What constitutes good? Well, it has to feel genuinely doodle-esque, has to have a sense of youthful enthusiasm, and has to be oriented towards something that cuts, goes boom, or otherwise offends the fearful.

Email me at zombyboy [at] resurrectiontionsong [dot] com with your entry.

Update: It is truth, indeed, that sometimes a doodle is just a doodle. Most times, in fact. Big bonus for both a-ha and War Games references in the comments.


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