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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Worn Free: Unreally Cool

I kind of dig old t-shirts and don’t have a problem with replicas. Which is why I’m diggin’ on Worn Free, a site that sells a cool selection of old rock t-shirts. Fun stuff.

Favorites? Debbie Harry always had killer fashion sense. Lester Bangs is in a wonderful, special category of psychosis all his own--and his t-shirt here is wonderful And, c’mon, the idea of Joey Ramone in a screaming eagles t-shirt gets me all happy inside.

If their blog is to be believed, gazillions of celebrities have worn their shirts, too. Which makes them officially good enough for the Gilded Class, and, damnit, that makes them good enough for me.

Which, did anyone else watch the People’s Choice Awards last night? Artistically, mediocre choices for the most part with a couple of truly worthy awards thrown in. In terms of entertainment, it was a pretty dull affair. In terms of irritating elitism, I got a little annoyed by hearing celeb after celeb telling us how they really do it “for the people” and how it’s really special that “the people” recognized them. Nearly every time I heard it said, it sounded like the speaker was setting themselves not only apart from us regular folk, but above us as well.

So, celebrity class of ‘08, blow me; do your damned job for the same reason the rest of us do: for the paycheck and, hopefully, a measure of personal satisfaction. I don’t need your condescension.

None of which changes the fact that Worn Free has some freakin’ cool t-shirts. 

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1) Debbi Harry was so freakin’ hot back in the day.
2) If I spend $50 on a T-Shirt my wife will kill me. Seriously. Keyser Söze style.

on Jan 09 2009 @ 04:48 AM

Holy canolies! My former neighbor used to be a promo-hawker for all the bands. When he had a garage sale, he had tons of band t-shirts, caps, etc. from Billy Joel to Lynyrd Skynyd to Elton John. He tried to unload them onto us, so we had a few caps and tees for a while.  Who knew he was sitting on a gold mine?

on Jan 09 2009 @ 05:14 AM

Curse you for that ear worm!

/me is plotting revenge


on Jan 09 2009 @ 04:18 PM
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