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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Working Well (For Now)

So, Feinstein voted “no” on Roberts because he isn’t Alan Alda enough.

Kennedy voted “no” because Roberts was way too nominated by a Republican.

Biden voted “no” because felt comfortable that his “constitutional risk” excuse made him sound reasonably adult. Even though his comments about Roberts “standing for election” made the “I’m an adult” argument a little harder to accept.

Apparently Durbin and Schumer didn’t have anything particularly interesting to say about their “nuh-uh” votes.

And, honestly, it’s fine that they cast their votes the way they did; those votes are theirs to use. In fact, they should probably dissent on the President’s choices on occasion since they do happen to represent the left--that they wouldn’t see eye-to-eye with the Bush on who would best serve in the Supreme Court isn’t much of a surprise.

What is good, though, is that they are allowing a vote to take place. That is also as it should be: except in the most dire of circumstances, the minority party should not hold the majority party hostage to the filibuster. When the people of the United States elect their representatives, they empower those representatives with certain prerogatives, one of which is nominating judges who will represent their interests. The President should be given some leeway in his nominations, and Bush did not abuse this leeway by nominating some terrifying paleoconservative to the court.

The process is working just fine and Roberts will be confirmed next week. Hopefully, the next vacancy is filled with the same reasonable spirit (although, if Bush nominates someone who could be honestly considered a conservative, I expect the good will to go right out the window).

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It is a consolation to see the system work, despite the Senate’s best efforts to thwart it.

on Sep 23 2005 @ 05:35 PM
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