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Monday, August 20, 2007

Why Do I Keep Talking About Edwards?

Because he’s funny, damnit.

I do wonder what it is that Edwards thinks that he brings to the presidential race that is covered more effectively by one of the other candidates? Or whether he believes, at this juncture, that he really stands a chance of winning. Tom Tancredo seems to be under no illusion that he could win the presidency; he stays in because he wants to shout loudly about immigration and doesn’t believe that any of the other GOP candidates covers the issue properly. Kucinich, God bless his wacky little heart, believes that he is the only Dem candidate to actually represent the progressives with an aggressive enough agenda (and he’s probably right).

But what does Edwards bring to the table?


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Molly would most certainly site his hair.

on Aug 20 2007 @ 05:55 PM

I’ll throw in my vote for hair as well.

on Aug 20 2007 @ 06:05 PM

He does bring nice hair (although he cedes the cleavage to Hillary (seriously: wasn’t that one of the stupidest “controversies” to hit a presidential election ever?)).

on Aug 20 2007 @ 06:09 PM

Evidently Joe Biden is not light-weight enough.

on Aug 20 2007 @ 06:42 PM


on Aug 20 2007 @ 06:48 PM

He’s got a better chance than you might think. If Hillary and Obama have a sufficiently mutually-bruising primary (which is looking likely), he may end up not having a big load of negative press and recent attacks/smears, and with a nice big war chest saved up. Then the eventual winner (Hillary) is looking around for a VP, and here’s still kinda-popular John, with $20 million in the bank and that pretty, pretty hair…

And then he’s one infarction from the Presidency. Which is probably good enough for him at this juncture. He’s young; he can afford a stint as veep and then do a Bush Sr. and transition easily into the presidency. And you never know when that infarction will hit.

on Aug 20 2007 @ 07:40 PM

Being the vice-presidential nominee too many times can be kind of deflating. Kind of like always being “just friends” with all the hot chicks.

Not that Miss Johnnie would necessarily have a problem with that.

on Aug 21 2007 @ 08:58 AM

Robert, I can’t agree with you on this one--the only part that makes him attractive (aside from the hair, the winning smile, and the big sacks of cash) is that he has that war chest or money to use. Aside from that, I think he’s a liability.

He will still have a taint from the last election’s loss, he never showed particularly well in any of the debates, he completely failed to bring in southern voters, he’s still a freakin’ trial lawyer, he’s blandly forgettable, his campaign hired a psycho to run his blog (which gives all amounts of ammunition to the right wingers), and he says wildly stupid things like this:

I’m going to be honest with you—I don’t know a lot about Cuba’s healthcare system. Is it a government-run system?

And that has to rank as one of the most boneheaded things any candidate has said this cycle.

If he could actually deliver southern votes, I might agree with you. Along with all of his other negatives, though, he didn’t even manage to carry his own home state, and that makes him useless to (likely) Hillary.

on Aug 21 2007 @ 12:37 PM

I tuned in the rush show the other day and they played a parody off of “more than a woman” with voices being him and his wife; “More of a woman” in which John was more of a woman than she is.  I thought it was in poor taste, but now that my ass is covered, it was damned funny.

I think he is too pretty.
My lasting image of him was after the last election when he walked out on stage and rather than conceding the election he talked about not being done yet, but what I heard in my head was “we have not ruled out the possibility of winning through the courts yet, so we havent lost”.  Sorta despise the guy.

on Aug 21 2007 @ 02:30 PM

Oh, jeez, that song is going to be playing in my head all night…

on Aug 21 2007 @ 02:41 PM
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