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Monday, September 08, 2008

Ten Thoughts About the Broncos Opener

  1. I’m not saying there should be a mercy rule, but...
    Pro sports don’t need mercy rules, but it’s hard to avoid thinking that the Raiders fans deserved some anesthesia by the end of this one.
  2. Don’t make too much of it...
    While the Raiders might be as bad as advertised--and I still expect them to end up at the bottom of the AFC West heap--I’m not so sure that the Broncos are quite as good as they seemed. Denver is tremendous on offense, but the defense was playing against a team that happily shot its own toes off all night. Aside from two good drives (one ending in a turnover and one ending in a touchdown) the Raiders were hideous bad all night and didn’t even show a lot that could encourage fans for the rest of this season. The late touchdown pass hardly counts since it came when the Broncos seemed to have lost a little interest in the game.
  3. Eddie Royal...
    On a night where Brandon Marshall was serving his one game suspension for rampant tomfoolery, the rookie Eddie Royal made his case for being one of the big picks of this year’s draft. Not only did he catch a lot of balls (9) and put up a lot of yards (146) for a touchdown, but he did it most of the night against Oakland’s best cover man, DeAngleo Hall. If he does this regularly, he’s going to be a big star--and Denver will be well served by having this guy playing opposite Brandon Marshall. Impressive as hell. He’s also smart--he did a bunch of little things that made him look like a seasoned vet.
  4. The running game...
    The Broncos didn’t feature one back tonight, they featured all of their backs tonight. Three rushing touchdowns and some big yards on the ground weren’t the big part of the running story. The big part was that the top three rushers all rushed for more than 4.5 yards per carry--Andre Hall rushed for 6.1 yards per carry and Selvin Young rushed for 5.1 yards per carry.
  5. Jay Cutler is a star...
    Jay Cutler is a damned fine quarterback. He’s got a hell of an arm, he sees the field well, and he’s making smart decisions. If he stays healthy, this is shaping up to be a hell of a year for him.
  6. Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates...
    Spending that much money on Seinfeld (at least I assume it took a big chunk o’ cash) and the best you can come up with is “adjust your shorts?” What a dumb, dumb ad.
  7. Al Davis...
    I still say that the biggest malfunction in the Raiders organization--aside from a relative lack of talent and a clueless coaching staff--is Al Davis, the guy who bullies his staff and makes the majority if the personnel choices. He is the head of a dysfunctional family that hasn’t been even passably good over the last four years.
  8. Still not convinced about the Broncos pass rush...
    The Broncos defense did get good pressure on the quarterback today--one of their key weaknesses over the last few years--they did it on a team that was playing from behind early. When the game was out of hand for the Raiders, the Bronc’s defense took chances and really pushed the Raiders around. But will that translate into any of the better teams in the league? Not so sure.
  9. Next week...
    The home opener against San Diego will be a much tougher test for the orange and blue, especially coming off a painful and close loss.
  10. For now, though, it’s always fun to watch the Raiders lose...
    ...Especially when it’s the Broncos doing the bullying.

Update: Another man enjoying the moment.
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Is Eddie Royal really good, or is DeAngelo Hall much worse than advertised? He was playing way, way off in every replay, so it didn’t seem all that hard for Royal to get open on little out routes.

Also, I loved the Microsoft ad. C’mon… “Is that your toe? No. Then what is it? Leather.” That and the infamous traffic violation mugshot they used for Gates’ rewards card made the ad a classic.

on Sep 10 2008 @ 10:21 AM

Yeah, we’re just not going to agree on the MS ad. Did nothing for me at all--except for the mugshot. That was pretty funny.

As for DeAngelo Hall, you may well be right. If you are right, then all that guaranteed money for Hall and for Walker has to go down as one of the worst set of off-season moves for any team ever. Not the worst, mind, but memorably bad.

on Sep 10 2008 @ 09:08 PM
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