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Monday, October 15, 2007

Rockies v/ D-Backs: Bottom of the 4th

D-Backs pitcher Micah Owings just gave up a three run homer to cap off a six run inning to a surging Rockies team that leaves the score 6-1. He knows what that means--everybody knows what it means. It means that the Diamondbacks have a much harder road to keeping from being swept. It means he might have just handed the Rockies the win. No player wants to feel that kind of responsibility. That young man just had a very bad day.

While he was walking off the field, though, his teammates were patting on the back, giving him what encouragement they can. Not an angry face, not a harsh word.

The Diamondbacks are a good team and a class organization. Owings will have much better days for them.

None of which changes the fact that I seem to be getting mighty comfortable on this bandwagon right now…

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By the end of the series, it looked to me as though the D-Backs had decided that they had run into a buzz-saw.  When you believe that you’re on the wrong side of *D*E*S*T*I*N*Y*(tm), there’s no disgrace in being the guy that is on the mound when the meteor hits. (Particularly when it’s a meteoric buzz-saw from the 9th dimension*.)

Getting the other guy to believe that he’s on the wrong side of *D*E*S*T*I*N*Y*(tm) is also a pretty effective way to win a series, regardless of the presence or absence of that mythical construct.  8-)

* See what happens when you put the metaphor generator on “blend”?  Do not try this at home!

on Oct 16 2007 @ 09:13 AM

this is the most amazing thing I’ve witnessed in sports.  Even after many previous perfect moves and decisions over a 20 game winning streak, I was still second-guessing Hurdle’s move in the fourth when he pitch hit for Morales. I thought he was pitching well and that the bullpen would have a tough time holding the line over 5 inings, but all Seth Smith did was bloop a single over third to score two runs and take the lead.  It’s fun to watch, but incredulous! I can’t remember a team in any sport that rose from perceived mediocrity to such great heights in a month.

on Oct 16 2007 @ 09:19 AM
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