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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Return to Form for Owens

Didn’t you just know that Terrel Owens would return to his poisonous form? He’s seemed to be a good team player and said all the right things--until he couldn’t handle it anymore.

While the Dallas Cowboys were trying to downplay a possible rift between Terrell Owens and Jason Witten, the two nearly came to blows on Friday, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram first reported Saturday.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, according to team sources, confirmed an incident occurred at the Cowboys training facility when Witten tried to engage Owens in a conversation about a pass route. Owens told Witten to stay away from him and called him a name. The two exchanged words before being separated.

Now he’s crying and bringing unneeded attention to his team like the Terrel of old.

In a strange way it’s kind of nice to have the old TO back. He’s an ass, yes, but it’s always an entertaining break with normalcy, isn’t it?

According to the stats, TO’s whining is also baseless. Over this season and the last few years, he’s actually seen more pass attempts come his way and come away with fewer catches than his sworn arch-enemy. Ouch.

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