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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Pretty Pissy About Peter


Peter Jackson + Microsoft + New Game Studio = Halo filled with longing hobbit glances and disturbingly protracted scenes of mourning over lost comrades.

I fear Jackson’s influence on what was, in fact, one of the coolest series of games ever.

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I have no fear of Peter Jackson and Halo. Bill Gates has too much invested in that franchise to allow anything to damage it. The existence of God may be debatable to some, but the power of Bill Gate’s desire for profit is pretty indesputable.

Of course, this is all of secondary importance. The real news for X06 is Bioshock! At X06 they did an in-game demo on the Xbox 360 (available here that is so stunning I about wet myself. The water effects alone gave me a woody. You must watch the “Developer Commentary” video at IGN. Pay close attention to the water effects through the whole demo (not just during the part where the specificaaly talk about them). Watch the “Scary Stuff” trailer, too, but focus on the demo. Did I mention that is an actual in-game demo?

on Sep 28 2006 @ 05:31 AM

Oh, damn.

I have to have that. I think I see Xbox 360’s killer app--at least for me.


on Sep 28 2006 @ 01:56 PM

Yeah, baby! Bioshock and Halo 3: whicheve comes out first becomes my reason to get an Xbox 360.

As a side note, you may not be aware but Bioshock is the “spiritual successor” to System Shock 2. It’s being made by the same team and the intent is to take the “spiritual” core of that game into the next generation. There are ties at all between the two stories, however. Anyway, you may remember System Shock 2 because I bought that game when we were living together. I bought it because the game Deaus Ex had one scene that was an homage to it. If you’ve never played System Shock 2 I highly recommend it (you can probably get it off of eBay). The graphics are a little out of date, but I have yet to play a game that combines both tremendous story telling and non-linear game play. If you read the Bioshock message boards you will see a lot of people extolling the virtues of SS2. You really want to get excited about Bioshock? Play SS2 and then watch the Bioshock demo. As impressive as it is, its even more impressive when you see what that team was able to do several years ago.

I honestly believe that Bioshock will redefine the genre at least as much as Halo did when it was first released.

Then again, Shodan owns my soul…

(A little System Shock 2 allusion, that one.)

on Sep 28 2006 @ 06:41 PM
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