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Monday, October 31, 2005

How Do You Spell Filibuster?


I will be surprised if the Democrats don’t filibuster this choice, triggering the fight over the GOP “nuclear option.” The abortion litmus test will be too strong for the left to resist, as will the fact that he is neither a woman nor a minority, yet Alito’s qualifications are definitely a big step up from Miers.

It’ll be a year-end brawl that either energizes or completely exhausts the GOP. Bush already has a tough year ahead and he’s picking a fight that he could quite possibly lose (which isn’t to say that it’s a fight worth avoiding). Should be interesting.

Update: This post of reactions from the left kind of goes to prove the point, doesn’t it? For that matter, I think this post from Randy Thomas will be typical of the right: a cautious, quiet optimism. Okay, maybe not entirely quiet...

Kindly linked by The English Guy (who has a set of good links to browse).

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