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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Denver Broncos Give Us Some First Round Fireworks

Was there a team more active in trading draft picks than the Broncos? Not a chance. Up, down, this year, next year--the Broncos were a little manic whirlwind of activity.

If I weren’t so happy with the picks, I’d probably suggest that someone take the meth bowl from McDaniels.

But I do like the picks. I like them a lot.

First, at 22 overall, Georgia Tech WR Demaryius Thomas has similar size to Brandon Marshall, he has a lot of potential if he can learn to use that size the way that Marshall does, and he doesn’t seem to have the same behavioral issues. I hope that Marshall really has straightened up and that the trade will be good for him, but Thomas looks like the kind of guy who will make Broncos fans feel a little less pain at the loss.

Second, and most notably, is one of the most talked about picks of the day. Quarterback Tim Tebow is Denver bound. I love his character, I love his winning, and I love his attitude--whether he’ll end up being worthy of his first round status is an entirely different question. Personally, I’m betting the answer is yes and that the debate over his throwing motion is really overdone.

Consider: Phillip Rivers doesn’t have the best mechanics, but he’s one of the best young QBs in the league; Brett Favre has some of the most inconsistent mechanics in the game, but he also has more regular season wins than any other quarterback; even the Broncos’ beloved Elway had some strange tics in his throwing motion (like the double tap that he did through a good chunk of his career while looking for his receivers).

Of course, JaMarcus Russell has bad mechanics, too, but that comparison would be unfair. Like Russell, Tebow is a natural athlete. They are both big, quick, strong guys (although I think Tebow is a little quicker on his feet), but Tebow has shown leadership, character, a strong work ethic, and a willingness to accept criticism. It’s pretty hard not to like this pick and, if he develops well, it might be seen as one of the biggest bargains of the draft. Russell, by contrast, has to be one of the biggest disappointments in the league.

But it sure does leave the Broncos with a strange mix at quarterback. Orton may not have had the season that Broncos fans hoped for, but he definitely earned the chance to keep his starting job. Brandstader, the Broncos’ QB pick from last year looked pretty good in preseason last year and, as a project, it’s far too early to say that he is or isn’t a good quarterback. Rounding it out, McDaniels wanted Brady Quinn last year when he was dealing Cutler, but ended up with Kyle Orton--and Josh went out and got his man this off season. Who is the odd man out? Is it Brady Quinn, who may not get quite the chance to compete that he originally expected? Or is it Brandstader who will likely either be dropped from the team or who may find himself “groomed” to be the number three guy in Denver.

Kyle Orton, who is one of the league’s ultimate team players, seems like the one with the most job security. Not did he put up decent numbers last year, but he is a good caretaker for the position and a mentor for Tebow. He seems to be unlikely to chafe at competition from the younger player. Quinn, on the other hand, is probably eager to find himself named the starter and not so eager to be in another crowded backfield with an unsettled QB lineup.

Josh McDaniels may be walking into another quarterback controversy, but it’s entirely different from what we saw last year.

I wonder if he’ll manage to make the rest of the draft as interesting as he did in that first round.

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What I’m hoping for with Tebow is Doug Flutie with size, not Michael Vick with character.

What I’m afraid we’ll end up with is four B-grade quarterbacks.  I’m pretty sure that quarterbacks can’t join together like Transformers (even though that would be awesome), so having several adequate quarterbacks really doesn’t help that much.

Now, if they spend most of the remainder of their picks on good linemen and possibly a linebacker or two, I’ll count the draft a success.  Otherwise, I’m probably going to be one of those guys that spends a year (or more) calling for the head coach’s head.  The problems the Broncos had last year couldn’t reasonably be laid at the feet of Orton.

on Apr 23 2010 @ 10:32 AM

I don’t know. Brady Quinn is a mostly unknown quantity. Kyle Orton isn’t a top five quarterback, but he’s better than advertised. A lot of last season I chalked up to bad coaching and not bad quarterbacking. I’m still hoping that he can prove that he deserves the position.

As for Brandstader, we haven’t seen him play in anger yet, but my guess is that he won’t be with the team long enough to find out. I think Tebow is smart enough and physically talented enough to be the real deal, though--but apparently most of the teams weren’t impressed with the quarterback class this year. Or maybe they were a little leery of signing a new quarterback this close to a potential strike year.

on Apr 25 2010 @ 10:09 AM
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