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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Broncos v/ Steelers: Looking Forward to a Great Game (Updated)

I don’t have any idea who is going to win this game, although I have an obvious bias for the Broncos, so I won’t be offering any predictions except this: this should be one of the best games of the year. Two great defenses, two aggressive running games, two shaggy quarterbacks, and two coaches coming off of great seasons.

What I expect today is a defensive battle with bruising hits, fast play, and the occasional big play when a defense gets caught being overly aggressive. Both of these teams blitz heavily, taking big chances in hopes of forcing turnovers, pressuring quarterbacks, and shutting off the opponent’s rushing attack. Both of these teams have players who can exploit little mistakes. Both of these teams have experience winning ugly.

Yeah, this is why I love football.

Update: Or I could be wrong. Ouch.

Al Wilson and Trevor Pryce have been non-factors, the Steeler’s offense has been brilliant, and Jake’s two turnovers didn’t help our cause.

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I’ve been thinking about this all week; and I couldn’t agree more.

on Jan 22 2006 @ 12:40 PM

That is to say, thinking about this game.

on Jan 22 2006 @ 12:42 PM

Yeah, well…

on Jan 22 2006 @ 01:49 PM
AFC Championship
You know, Denver may not go to the Super Bowl, but at least they were nice enough to let that high school team play for them today. Big hearts, fellas, big hearts! Dave J is watching the game as well.Yeah,...
Jan 22 2006 @ 01:56 PM

I love the Steelers, but I am still surprised at what’s happening.  I thought they’d at least have to work for it a little.

on Jan 22 2006 @ 02:14 PM

Still a lot of football to play . . .

on Jan 22 2006 @ 02:15 PM

Not any more, Craig.

on Jan 22 2006 @ 03:52 PM
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