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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Broncos v/ Colts: Horse Wars I (Updated)

I have no idea how this game is going to go, although I imagine that it will revolve around the Broncos’ defense. But, early, one thing that I find curious is that the Broncos, in their first possession, called pass on all except one play. That might not be such a great game plan.

First, the Broncos’ offensive strength right now is in their running game. The passing games has been mediocre (and occasionally closer to bad). More, the Colts’ defense has shows serious weakness against the run so far this year.

What gives? Is the Mastermind out-thinking his opponent or out-thinking his own darned self?

For more meaningful conversation about this game, check out Darren’s site. Once again, he is blogging from the press box and giving us the benefit of his insight.

Update: And, mostly on the strength of Plummer’s arm, the Broncos take the lead 7-3. The Mastermind says, “Take that, Zomby-bonehead.”

Re-Updated: What a painful loss, what a great game. I certainly can’t say that I’m happy, and I certainly can’t celebrate, but it really was quite a game. It came down to two things (since the Broncos’ offense really did it’s part): the defense’s inability to stop Manning in the second half and Plummer’s fumble that gave the Colts their second scoring opportunity of the second half. The defense was overmatched in the second half (although the same could be said of the Colts’ defense) and, in particular, couldn’t manage to get any pressure on Manning.

Still, it was a heck of a game--exciting and a whole lot of fun. Mike Bell came out looking brilliant and Plummer, aside from that damned fumble, played more than well enough to save himself from the bench.

It’s starting to look crowded in the AFC West again.

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