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Thursday, December 10, 2009

“Blue Christmas,” The Load Levelers

Tonight’s song, “Blue Christmas” done psychobilly style, is just about the fun. It’s goofy, it’s fast, and it sounds like the Hatfield and McCoys got together for a hoedown over too many eggnogs. Which, if that doesn’t sound good to you, you might want to skip this one.

Just sayin’.

And after that note, here’s a little classic Bill Cosby. Now, I’m not going to lie: this isn’t my favorite Cosby bit, but it does fit the season.

None of which should detract from an article that y’all really should be reading today. Quin Hillyer’s warning about the erosion of property rights is just as important as any other fight that conservatives and libertarians should be paying attention to right now.

The unfortunate erosion of property rights has occurred despite a huge public backlash in the past several years against the Kelo v. New London decision in 2005. That was the Supreme Court case in which a Connecticut town successfully seized private property not just for public use, but also for private development surrounding new offices for the Pfizer Inc. drug corporation. (The destruction of that Connecticut neighborhood became all the more painful when Pfizer announced Nov. 9 that it would leave New London anyway, taking away the 1,400 jobs that were supposed to be the project’s main benefit.)

And, yes, he does tie it in to this week’s EPA carbon dioxide ruling. I find myself wondering if citizens outside the hyper-politicized crowd that I travel in have noticed the incredibly far-reaching effects that the EPA decision will have in this country? Sometimes I want to close my eyes to the politics for a while. Fighting the same fights year after year after year gets seriously tiring. For that matter, it doesn’t seem healthy to be surrounded by outrage all the time--and, in blogging, finding the latest outrage really is a good bit of the game, isn’t it?

But damned if our political and bureaucratic classes don’t need as much oversight as all of us can provide and outrageous behavior is about as well-hidden as Tiger Woods’ entire harem of hussies.

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