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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Beading, My Anti-Drug

Pedantry has a quick rant about anti-drug measures on an Indian reservation in Maine. (Click on the link to go see the ad.)

Honest to God, I suspect it’s stuff like this that keeps drug addiction rates so high on native reserves. I mean really, get bored stupid doing traditional arts and crafts for the tourists, or get stupid directly thanks to a little puff of weed. I’d probably take option two.

Meanwhile, Kevin at Wizbang has more information about the shooting at Red Lake Indian reservation in Minnesota. The shooter had a partner. They may have been planning another Columbine. A decade or so ago in a native town in Canada a bunch of teenagers decided to commit suicide by sniffing gas. They were found out and saved but not until after they’d sniffed a lot of gas and lost a lot of brain cells.

The idea that we should preserve an ancient way of life, and force people who through the sheer chance of genetics happen to be inheritors of this ancient way of life to live that life is insane. It’s more than insane, it’s racist.

There are many who choose to preserve their ancestors’ ways. That’s fine with me, and I support it. I’m not sure what the ancient ways have to do with casinos, bungalows and beat up Fords, but that’s not my concern. If the goal is to preserve tribal identity and live as a nation-within-a-nation then there’s something that needs to be said—You can’t preserve tribal identity if your kids are frying their brains using the white mans drugs.

You guys need a different plan. Personally, I don’t think making beads for tourists cuts it.

Note: There are tribes out there that are quite successful. I mean no disprespect to them.

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