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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Man. Slow down. Let us enjoy the songs. I like Neil Diamond.


In the spirit of the show, we’ll just get through this post as quick as possible.

Jason Castro: blah. David Cook: a’ight. Brooke White: not so much. David Archuletta: begone foul youth of doom. Syesha: pretty good.

Randy: yep. Paula: put down the drink. Simon: harsh, but not too far off.

Jason Casto: you suck. Randy didn’t like it, Paula didn’t like it, Simon didn’t like it.

David Cook: decent, but not great. Smart in a way to take on songs that no one knows, though, since it gives him leeway to make break away from any comparisons to Diamond. On the other hand, he loses points because people can’t sing along and say, “I love that song” in a moment of musical rediscovery.

Randy: love it. Paula: again filled with pride. For some reason. Simon: loved it.

Brooke: Good stuff. Very fitting song for her in vocal style and mood. Of course, it’s probably my favorite Neil Diamond song, so I’m biased. The truth is, as the girl says, it was a little too short to go anywhere. Truth.

Randy: liked it. Paula: filled with empty words. Simon: still hated the first song, but the second was good.

David Archuletta: good God, no. Seriously painful to listen to him warbling--uncomfortably--"Coming to America.” And I think he hit puberty somewhere in the middle of the song. It felt a lot like being at a high school graduation ceremony. In a bad way.

Randy: you’re in the zone. Paula: I love your little, innocent self. But not in a naughty teacher sort of way. Well, not entirely, anyway. Simon: smart choice of song (I agree--still hated it, though).

Syesha: it was okay, I suppose. Alright. Decent. Whatever. I liked the first one better. Maybe it was better in person.

Randy: lovin’ it. Paula: lovin’ you. Simon: lovin’ that the show is over for the night.

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Seriously, those hoors up front waving their stupid hands...can we have them shot, please?

on Apr 29 2008 @ 06:13 PM

I’ll second that.

on Apr 29 2008 @ 06:23 PM
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