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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

American Idol: Because it’s Funny

Night 2 of American Idol and I wasn’t actually going to write about it (mostly because I missed most of the thing). But then came the last contestant of the night: a not-quite-cross-dressing young man from here in the Mile High City whose singing voice was marginally better than his speaking voice; sadly, his speaking voice was a whiny, nasal abomination. Unsurprisingly, the judges didn’t like him (and Randy was quite surprised that he was a he).

After his rejection, said young man left the room to rant about how America was prejudiced and racist (he was white, so I’m not entirely sure what skin-pigment-related issues he was referring to).

See, what makes contemporary America so special is that failure is never a personal issue, it’s always an establishment issue. The boy couldn’t sing, so the problem is, of course, a racist, prejudiced society that just isn’t ready for his special brand of bad singing. Of course, a young man who wears high heels, a woman’s t-shirt, pencils in his brows, and sports a lovely woman’s hair-do isn’t precisely being honest with himself or anyone else when proclaiming his surprise that people would mistake him for a girl. That kind of dishonesty is wonderfully prophetic, though: he probably expected some prejudice and his own failures gave him the excuse to run to the shelter of his preconceived notions.

Now, Simon was a jerk (although, if I were being all sorts of extra nitpicky today, I’d note that he isn’t American) with a few of his comments, but Randy was merely confused about the contestant’s gender, and Paula merely commented on his singing voice. Of course, playing “The Crying Game” did seem like a bit of a low blow.

I’m personally just happy that the kid won’t be singing for us in the future. At least, not on American Idol.

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I laughed almost to tears when they started playing “the crying game.” Then I wanted to go take a shower.

C’mon ... that kid was an utter freak show, worthy of any mocking he received.

on Jan 19 2006 @ 10:22 AM
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