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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Very Lanegan Christmas

Lanegan fans rejoice. Over the next six months or so we should be seeing all kinds of wonders and spending all kinds of money to satisfy our fixation.

  1. Follow up to Ballad of the Broken Seas. Lanegan’s pairing with Isobel Campbell resulted in one of his most successful albums, mixed but mostly positive critical reaction, and part of a nomination for a prestigious music award (the Mercury Music Prize). Apparently, the muse is still with the duo because they’ve already put together the majority of a sequel to be released early next year.

    “We toured together in January this year and he came over to my house in Glasgow a lot in March so we recorded a lot of the songs then.

    “Most of the work is done, I’m mixing and mastering it now, but we probably won’t get it out this year, more likely early next year.

  2. Gutter Twins comes closer to reality. Greg Dulli and Lanegan have threatened to release an album as the Gutter Twins for a ridiculously long time now. Having signed to Sub Pop is a great indicator that the project might finally be ready to be unveiled. My guess is that the thing could be out either late this year or very early next year.
  3. Soulsavers are finally ready to invade America. One of the finest albums to be released this year is finally coming to America. Soulsavers’ It’s Not How Far You Fall, It’s the Way You Land might have a bit of an unwieldy title, but it’s filled with the most effective mix of dance, rock, and American roots music that you’re likely to find this year. Here’s what the band has to say on their MySpace page:

    We’re happy to say that we signed a deal with Columbia records for North America last week.
    I guess the plan is to hopefully try to get the record out by October & try and get over there to play some shows around that time too.

    Best case scenario (and reading heavily--and perhaps too hopefully--between the lines) would have Lanegan doing a mini-tour with the band in the US. Please, Lord, let there be a Denver date somewhere on that schedule…

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