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Friday, April 20, 2007

A Very Few Late Night Thoughts

Firstly, have you noticed that our culture has so utterly romanticized tragedy and drama that it has tainted our idea of what is good in relationships? Or is that just me?

Which leads me to the second thought of the evening: Societally, we seem to have an addiction to the term, uttered with much emptiness and earnestness, “I’m sorry.” The act of apologizing is more revered than is the kind of sober decision-making that doesn’t require frequent apology. Which is good for most of the Names in Hollywood, given their penchant for publicly screwing the pooch and having to explain away their idiocy.

Secondly, how could I have forgotten that History of the World, Part 1 started out with a bunch of masturbating neanderthals. You would think that’s one of those things that would really stick with you.

So to speak.

Thirdly, I am grateful to Jed for forwarding this link to the continuation of Sanjaya’s fifteen minutes of infamy.

Fourth, “Boy, you are nuts. Enn vee tee ess, nuts.

Fifth, I used to believe that Aunt Jemima was real and that my parents kept getting defective bottles. I felt deprived.

True story.

Sixth, I know I promised not to post any more about the recent tragedy--and I struggled with making myself a liar so soon. But Dave Cullen has an article in Slate that is well worth reading.

Seventh, I had high hopes for The History Boys. It didn’t work out so well. Maybe it’s because the focus drifted from an early, passionate exploration of education and on to a tedious exploration of homosexuality. Perhaps it was the fact that I had a hard time working up sympathy for the lead character, a teacher who enjoys serially fondling students sitting on the back of his motorcycle. Instead of sympathy, I mostly thought it was a little creepy.

Or maybe it was that in translation from stage to screen, it maintained huge tracts of overwritten, clunky, smart-assed dialog.

It wasn’t all bad, though. There were some good performances and beautiful scenery--much of it architectural in nature.

Eighth, here’s some simple instructions for recording your Skype interviews. Which I’m adding in here mostly so that I can reference it in the future.

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I very rarely say that I’m sorry. Mainly because I try damned hard not to do anything I need to apologize for, but partially because I always felt apologies should be reserved for when you regretted the actions themselves as well as the consequences. Just being remorseful about the effects on someone else doesn’t quite mean it’s sincere if you would have committed the same actions knowing the results.

This has resulted in 2 observations - the first being when I say “I’m sorry” concerning something it’s usually pretty genuine & accurate. The 2nd is that the majority of apologies I’ve heard have been insincere (according to my standards) & therefore not an indication of remorse but seem to be borne from a desire to avoid conflict &/or consequences of a person’s actions.

& yes- most folks have so screwed up an idea of what a good relationship is that it approaches the laughable (especially those folks I’ve tried to have an actual relationship with). But that’s something that should be contemplated over a drink or twelve with the concrete understanding that it’s an academic discussion not likely to result in any deeper understanding or meaningful change. Remember, when it comes to relationships always plead the fifth (unless a pint will suffice) :D

on Apr 21 2007 @ 02:18 AM
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