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Monday, January 05, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things: A Nearly Late-Night List

  1. Outsourced. While it has moments that are remarkably predictable, Outsourced has a sweet charm in its affection for India and its main characters. It’s a small pleasure, but one that stands out for its gentle spirit and mildly sanitized view of India. While it wouldn’t do to expect anything life-changing, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a quiet romance, good humor, and a little flavor of India.
  2. FilesAnywhere.com When I had to start sharing large files with clients over the Internet, I looked for a service that gave me a great set of tools, a decent price, and generous storage. FilesAnywhere.com did that in a big way. It’s quick, reliable, and mature. I’ve only been using it for a few months, but it’s impressed a number of clients so much that they’ve become customers. That’s about as good a recommendation as I can imagine.
  3. Thunderer. I’m only about half way through Felix Gilman’s Thunderer, but I’m truly impressed by his first novel. It’s intriguing, compelling, and filled with well-realized characters to carry the reader through all of the wonders of the strange world that he has concocted (and all of its gods). Having read his blog, I can’t help but think that Mr. Gilman is a bit of a jerk when it comes to his political opinions (though no more so than John Scalzi). Luckily for me, I won’t let his politics come between me and the enjoyment of his novel. He wouldn’t be likely to miss me as a customer, but I would certainly miss the artistry of what he’s written. It took a little more than forty pages to get past the awkward introduction, but by then Mr. Gilman found a perfect pacing for the shifting views between the lead characters. I’m vaguely planning a full review of the book once I’ve finished it, but, in case that doesn’t happen, I wanted to make a quick note of this wonderful bit of epic fantasy.

What about you? What have you been enjoying lately that needs to be shared with the class?
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Finally started watching Mad Men.
Saw Zodiac on the big screen recently, simply a gorgeous film.
Reading “The Making of the Fittest” by Sean B. Carroll, excellent book on genetics.
Got an iPod Touch, the day I realized I could comfortably read books on it is “The Day My Life Changed”. It’s a bit buggy, though:(

on Jan 06 2009 @ 11:59 AM

Woman in the Dunes, the prettiest black and white film ever made.

The Terror, by Coloradoan Dan Simmons. Hated the Monster/Demon, but everything else bout the failed 1845 Franklin Expedition searching for the Northwest Passage was great.

Would you please e-mail me about trivia.

on Jan 06 2009 @ 05:04 PM

I’m really enjoying my Hamer guitars.  Especially the imports.

...there are some writers whose politics are different than mine, who state them in a manner that annoys me without turning me off from their writing.

John Scalzi is not one of those writers.

I’ve read two of his novels, and thoroughly unenjoyed both.

I’m really enjoying some Larry Niven and C.J. Cherryh novels at the moment.

on Jan 07 2009 @ 07:33 AM

You might enjoy Thunderer--there’s no real taste of politics in the book (yet). I certainly didn’t know much about his political opinions before checking out his site. In fact, I was checking it out to see if I could set up an interview; after a few minutes bumming around I decided I didn’t want to do that anymore.


I’m a little jealous of your enjoyment of guitars. I might have to learn how to play some day.

Roger, I’ve never read anything by SImmons although I keep intending to. Maybe I’ll pick something up by him in the next few weeks. I emailed you last night, by the way, and considered filling my email with trivia. I decided that would be sort of juvenile, though.

Which normally wouldn’t have stopped me…

on Jan 07 2009 @ 02:32 PM
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