Saturday, May 06, 2006

Coloradans for Fairness and Equality

Coloradans for Fairness and Equality

My request: I’m calling on Colorado conservative and libertarian bloggers who support same sex marriage or domestic partnerships to leave me a note.

Michael Ditto has taken a leading role in Coloradans for Fairness and Equality, a group that supports a domestic partnership bill here in Colorado that would give same sex couples some of the legal rights and protections afforded heterosexual couples. While I personally support same sex marriages, I would be remiss if I failed to note that these domestic partnerships do not in any way change the definition of marriage. It doesn’t infringe upon the legal or religious concepts of marriage, but it does offer a way to recognize the committed status of same sex couples.

When it comes to politics, Mike and I don’t have a lot of common ground. I’m a Reagan-loving, Baptist conservative who twice voted for the current President Bush; those aren’t things that would endear me to a good many of the supporters of domestic partnerships in Colorado. But I would be letting my gay friends down--and denying my own conscience--if I didn’t support this movement.

From the Fairness and Equality blog:

Given that same-sex marriage is and will remain illegal whether the constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage passes or not, it is important for the law to recognize the commitment of long-term same-sex couples and their families. That’s why we’re proposing a positive alternative. Domestic Partnerships ensure that committed same-sex couples and their families are granted the protections and responsibilities that their commitment has earned—-protections such as hospital visitation and medical decision making, and responsibilities such as financial support and division of property. Domestic Partnerships go a long way towards providing those “great things about marriage” without changing the definition of marriage one iota.

If you would like to take part in helping Coloradans for Fairness and Equality, please leave a note in the comments. I will forward your email address to Mike and he will be in contact to invite you to take part.

Update: The blog link is dead right now for some reason, so, instead, check out the CFE main site.


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