Thursday, July 20, 2006

Clearing a Hurdle of Sorts

At this very moment, I am typing out this entry on a slightly used Mac Mini (while a brand new Dell sits on the floor behind me just waiting to find a home). I am sitting in my g-phrase’s house, hooked into my (finally) transferred cable account after having set up a wireless network so that I can go on to try to finish off a little work tonight.

There are a number of significant things in this post:

1- I love my newish Mac Mini. The attractive, small form factor was big in my decision-making process.

2- For all practical purposes, I seem to have moved in with my girlfriend.

3- Now that I don’t have to count on someone else’s wireless account being up, I might have the opportunity to post more regularly. Of course, the extra work load is still an issue…

4- The Dell will be her computer once I have a place to set it up. It was a bribe from a new credit card company for transferring a rather large sum of money from other cards and on to theirs.

Anyway, it’s been an ugly-expensive month and now I’m facing the need to buy upgraded graphics packages to handle files that clients have been spending. Have you priced a brand-new installation of Adobe’s Creative Suite 2 recently? And then added in a brand new license for Flash? Ouch. So, yeah, if anyone has spare licenses for all the above, feel free to send a package my way.

Heheh. Kidding.

Sort of.


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