Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys Lead Fight Against Piracy (And Request Official Change of Name Form)

The French are feeling absolutely frisky these days when it comes to dealing with pirates--and I, for one, am glad of their aggressiveness.

A French warship has captured 11 pirates off the coast of Kenya, amid clamour for the international community to deal with the problem of piracy.

The gang was captured by a warship from an EU piracy patrol, French officials said, hours after a failed attack on a US ship.

Other pirates released a Greek ship and its 24 crew held since mid-March.

News of the incidents came as the UN special envoy for Somalia said the attacks threatened international peace.

The latest raid involved pirates firing rocket-propelled grenades and automatic weapons at a US-flagged cargo ship, the Liberty Sun, which was carrying food aid for Africa.

I’m not going to stop saying “cheese eating surrender monkey,” though. Not because it’s accurate but because it’s fun.

Hooray, France!


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