Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Caugh in the iPhone’s Gravitational Pull

Apple has posted details about the rate plans that customers will be seeing with their new iPhones.

Up until today, I’ve been saying that I would wait for at least version 2 of the iPhone to be released before I considered a purchase. You know: let them work out the bugs, see what kind of applications are developed for the li’l feller, see if the prices come down from their astronomical highs. Not that I didn’t want one. As soon as I saw video of the iPhone in action, I started trying to find reasons to buy one.

But I tried to stay strong. I tried to let my rational side keep me from being pulled into that full-on technolust state that overrides the logical decision making of every geek.

The rates are getting me, though. See, I’m already a Cingular/AT&T customer, so all I would need to do to have the iPhone is pony up the big bucks for the phone and then add on a $20/month fee for unlimited data for email and web service along with Visual Voice Mail and 200 text messages per month.

In my head, it isn’t “twenty dollars and the 500+ for the phone and activation”. No, I just keep hearing ”just twenty dollars.”

And that’s cheap. Except, of course, it isn’t; but just trying telling my brain that.

Good Lord, I hope all the other suckers wise consumers clean the shelves of the new iPhones before I have a chance to buy one. I think I need to stay away from Apple Stores and the Internet on friday…

Update: So there. And jPhone, indeed. L’chaim!


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