Sunday, January 22, 2006

Broncos v/ Steelers: In the End

Here’s to the Steelers. They got the little things right; the Broncos didn’t. They played a better, more consistent defense. Their offense was perfectly prepared for our defense. Their special teams played effectively. Quite obviously, the Steelers are a hell of a team--the fact that they knocked off the number one, two, and three seeds proves how good they were this season.

For me, it’s a sad end and not the game I was hoping for. Still, the Broncs were a much better team than I expected and went further than I had predicted. It’s just unfortunate that home field advantage for the AFC Championship wasn’t enough to help them beat the stronger Steelers.

Congratulations to Steelers fans and know that I’ll be pulling for you to win the Super Bowl. A well-earned victory to extend a great season.


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