Sunday, September 10, 2006

Broncos v/ Rams: Story of the Game

The story of the Denver Broncos today was five turnovers, missed opportunities, and a mediocre performance by the offensive line. Plummer through almost half as many picks in this game (3) as he threw in all of last season (7) and added a fumble to round out a horrible day. Some of this was bad decision-making on Plummer’s part, but he faced pressure from a revved up Rams defense all day long.

The defense was the only bright spot on the day; giving up so few points on so many turnovers reflects well on the starters. But even they were obviously tired and dispirited by the end of the game.

Last season the Broncos managed to go 13-3 after losing a brutal and ugly game to the Dolphins in the season opener, so I’m trying to avoid putting too much meaning on this one game. The Broncos really didn’t look good, though. They played poorly, made bad decisions, and paid the cost on the road to a team that looks to be better this year than last.

Do the Broncos bounce back and set their season right? They certainly could, but they won’t be making too many teams nervous after this game.


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