Sunday, September 21, 2008

Broncos Thoughts of the Day: There’s No “D” in DenverEdition

One of us is in Vegas. And it’s probably me. Which is why this will likely be the only post from me until Wednesday--but the game was so fun that I just couldn’t help myself.

  1. Predominantly orange looks kind of strange now, doesn’t it?
  2. I like the “I’m a PC” ads. They own’t convert me, they won’t make me suddely believe that Vista is anything other than the abomination that it is, but the ad I saw was very nicely done. Does this spell the end of Apple’s “Mac Gently Mocks PC” ads?
  3. Man, if the Broncos could find a defense, they would be monsters. Rushing three for most of the game simply doesn’t get the job done--especially when it means you’re giving a quarterback like Drew Brees a ton of time in the pocket. Yes, the D did manage a fumble recovery and a late-game third down stop that were important to the win, but they also gave up huge yards throughout the game and almost saw the win get away from them.
  4. Fair is fair, though: that was a great goal line stand at the end of the first half. I can’t believe that Sean Payton ran it up the gut four times straight, but however questionable that play calling was, the Broncos answered the call with four straight, perfect stops.
  5. Which was tainted a bit by the Denver offense promptly giving up the safety and the Broncos’ special teams blowing the free kick. Damage: two points for the Saints and a missed Gramatica field goal--which, I had no idea that “Gramatica - Miss” was going to be the theme of the day.
  6. Is every game this year going to be this uneasy down the stretch?
  7. Turnovers kill. Absolutely kill. The Broncos were lucky to get past their mistakes, weren’t they?
  8. But two missed (and entirely makeable) field goals can be even worse.
  9. Three wins and no losses should feel better than this, shouldn’t it? Not that I’m complaining too much: the Broncos early schedule gives way to a whole lot of road games later in the year and they’ll need to build up as much of a buffer between themselves and the Chargers as they can.
  10. This team has used an entire year’s good luck to this point in the season; they need to find a way to win sans football god intervention. Right now they look like a team taht will make the playoffs, but it’s hard to imagine them winning a championship. The defense is too soft and the offense takes the kind of risks that will, sooner or later, catch up with them. But they’ll be fun as hell to watch and they might manage to set a few records along the way.


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