Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Blogger Bash Drunken Moment Preview, The First in a Series

You don’t want to miss this Blogger Bash Moment, Do You?

I love you, man. No, sheeriouslee, I mean it, I mean I’m trying to have a sheerious you know, thing, you know?

Dude, I think the waitress wants me…

Prepare for Blogger Bash with These Four Easy Steps

  1. RSVP. We want to know that you’re coming.
  2. Mark the date on your calendar. If you forget, you’ll regret missing the opportunity to socialize with some of the smartest, funniest, and, darnit, downright sexiest writers in Colorado.
  3. Invite some friends. You know, to drive you home after the festivities. Only don’t tell them that or they might not come.
  4. Start practicing your drinking technique. There will be shots.

Update: Which has nothing to do with Terri Nunn. But, c’mon, I still have a crush on Terri Nunn. Hey, if you were looking for real content, you could always read this post. I’m still pretty fond of that piece.


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