Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Blogger Bash 4.0: You Are Going, Aren’t You?

Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash 4.0 is coming up this weekend. If you’ve been wondering whether you should attend, it’s only fair to tell you that not only will you (probably) get to meet all of the people on this list--and whatever others didn’t quite meet my (arbitrary and completely unfair) RSVP date--but you’ll also get to drink.

Stay focused, people.

Steve Green, Vodka Pundit
Jeralyn Merritt, Talk Left
Jeff Goldstein, Protein Wisdom
Andy O’Reilly, World Wide Rant
Nathan Alexander, Brain Fertilizer (Visiting from Spokane)
Matt Moore, The Blog of the Century of the Week
Tiffany Trott
Darren Copeland, Colorado Conservative
Jed, Freedom Site
Steven Wheeler, Off in the Tall Weeds
Scott, Dorkafork
Michael Ditto, Janus Online
Peter Saint-Andre, One Small Voice
Brian Behm, Confessions of a Flabby Ironman
Ryan Scott, A Bellandean
Matt Traylor, RoverPundit
Chad, Pirate King
Andrew Olmsted
Bob Hayes, Blogger News Network
Avoiding the Tar Baby
Robin Roberts
Walter, Walter in Denver

See you there, kids.


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