Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Because Every Morning Needs Shiny, Happy Ringtones

Poking a little fun at someone’s over-publicized drama should happen every morning. At least, it should when it’s done with that special touch that Shawn brings to the writing.

Then again, if Captain Melodrama didn’t off himself in a haze of incense and Boys Don’t Cry-era Cure at 17, he’s probably not going to do it at 36. Morose has never been the aphrodisiac a certain segment of post-modern male has assumed it to be, but even those men recognize that while “goodbye cruel world!” threats ignite the mother hen spark in some similarly disposed women, actually dying is a piss-poor plan for getting laid.

Read the rest.

(If you didn’t check out Shawn’s post, this will make no sense. For the rest of you, put my money on “Shiny, Happy People.” That song makes me want to die every time I hear it.)


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