Wednesday, January 28, 2009

At Least They Have a Sense of Humor…

It’s good to know that Colorado, unlike the rest of the nation, has no big issues left to address. As my very religious grandpa might have said, “Thank goodness we have arrived.

I know this because our legislature is more concerned with carbon monoxide poisoning, bad ideas from local children, and how fast you might be driving in the slow lane (unless it’s the other way around). The state senate GOP seems to be keeping a sense of humor, though.

This just came in from the Secret Operative Inside the Colorado Government Machine (hence known by the catchy acronym, “SOICGM” (which is pronounced “SOICGM")):

“I was going to propose a bill putting all cats in plastic bags on slow-moving vehicles with carbon monoxide detectors.”

-Rep. Laura Bradford, R-Collbran


Some joking aside, I should probably be thankful that the state congressmen are focused on solving these big problems of the day instead of DOING SOMETHING to solve the problems I actually care about. Given the political lean of the state right now, I probably wouldn’t like the solutions.

Aside: Apparently one of the folks in my office decided that there needed to be a “replacement Dave” in my absence. So, at lunch, he sat in my usual seat and opened lunch by announcing that he was going to “ask very obscure questions and then be quite critical of your answers.”

I’ve been told that the giggling could be heard from a few office buildings away.


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