Friday, February 13, 2009

Are You a Mine Operator?

This will be sticky for the next week.

Is there anyone out there reading this site who is, currently, an operator of a coal or hard rock mining operation (preferably in North America, but I’m willing to talk to people outside of NA, too) with expertise in haulage and loading? This is not aimed at folks working in the aggregates industry and it is not aimed at manufacturers or distributors (although you are invited to leave me a note too, as you might be able to help me in a different way). If you do fit that description, please leave a comment with a good email address as I have very specific set of questions that I need to ask.

I can’t elaborate any more than that here because I’m already perilously close to violating my own set of rules governing how I segment my business life from my blogging life, but this is important.

For regular readers who don’t fit that bill, please link this or pass it on to anyone who you think might fit what I’m looking for.



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