Thursday, July 27, 2006

Another Damned, Evil Post

What? You expected me to call it “Damned, Evil-palooza”? I think not.

But here’s a selection of Damned, Evil things for the day.

Cheaters. What a tremendous disappointment (if true).
Sun. And its evil, murderous ways.
Terrorists. Although, how this qualifies as a new position for al Qaida somehow eludes me.
Journey detractors. You know that deep inside their little Journey detracting souls, they secretly love the catchy tunes, the unique voice, and the, ummm, artistic 80’s videos.
Ashley Lelie, Okay, maybe not actually evil, but I have a hard time understanding why this incosistent, underperforming wide reciever is complaining. I actually find myself hoping that he is traded soon for someone with consistency and a better work ethic.
Naked sculpture haters in Loveland. There truly is a difference between pornography and art. Nude representations of the human body aren’t necessarily obscene or indecent (although a nude representation of my body is pretty much automagically both) The question shouldn’t be, “How prude can we be?” The question should be, “Is this art of a quality for our public spaces?” No one has asked me, but I would say that it is. I wouldn’t say that I find it particularly attractive or original--it seems derivative and even typical to me in a competent kind of way. But it most certainly isn’t obscene in a way that a typical American would understand the term.
Saddam Hussein. And I say hang him. Don’t grant him that last moment of satisfaction.
Oil prices. See: Damned Evil Terrorists above for part of the reason, Damned Evil Speculators (not listed) for another part, and the irrational fear that we’re running out of the stuff for the biggest chunk of the equation.


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