Wednesday, May 24, 2006

American Idol: Yeah, That Was a Low Blow

So, what, one of those guys performing with Live wasn’t Chris Daughtry?

Huh. Who knew?

Update: Holy dang, Kellie Pickler just gets cuter. It isn’t love, but it’ll do…

Update to the Update: Er, in case the g-phrase is reading this: just kidding.

A Meatloaf Oriented Aside: “Bob had bitch tits.” Which was in no way funnier than the Katharine-Meatloaf duet from hell. But only one of them was meant to be funny.

A More Gratuitous Aside While the Ads Are Playing: Andy’s watching the not-quite-live show, too.

Almost Bored Critique: Is it just me or does American Idol seem to last about as long as a contemporary Presidential race? Luckily, the bad performances (on American Idol, that is) make it fun enough to keep watching. Re-visiting the wacky, the attention seeking, and the just plain awful makes for a mighty big giggle or two.

Updated Idolatry: So, yeah, about Dave Hoover. Lower the dosage, okay?\

Extra Gratuitous Aside While the Ads Are Playing: Indeed, there was happiness for the blogger formerly known as Zombyboy. (Oh, and be careful, because she knows stuff that I don’t know yet. She’s got the ESP, I tell ya.)

Irritated Update: So the boys singing a string of old hits in a kind of homage to karaoke is mostly annoying. If you’re watching on TiVo, this would be a good part to fast forward through…

Really Irritated Aside: Why the hell doesn’t someone buy me a brand new Mustang convertible? I’m pretty darned worthy.

A Happier Update: Elliott Yamin doesn’t quite do U2’s song “One” justice, but Mary J. Blige does--at least, it did after a tiny bit of a rough start. Cool earrings, too. Seriously, though, putting two singers on stage who tend to over sing their parts and who probably haven’t had a lot of rehearsal time together is sort of dangerous, don’t you think?

I Hate Those Ads Aside: I want to send a message to Big Tobacco tonight. An unequivical message that I might even type in ALL CAPS just so I get my point across. DAMNIT, BIG TOBACCO, I AM FOR SALE. And my price is relatively low. Inquire inside for special deals.

None of which makes me like contemporary country music any more than I did yesterday.

Creepy Update: The Clay Aiken makes a surprise appearance with the strange Clay Aiken-alike guy has to stand as one of the oddest moments ever in live television.

Eye-Glazed, Wondering How Long This Can Last and How Many Somewhat Celebrities Can be Trotted Across the Screen While I Wait for This Thing to be Over: Are we there yet?

Admission of Enjoyment Update: I have to admit: the Prince special appearance was fun. That tiny li’l guy is fun to watch.


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