Wednesday, March 14, 2007

American Idol: The Waste of Time and Energy Edition

When I speak of waste of time and energy, I’m not just speaking of the time I spend on a weekly basis watching American Idol; I’m talking about the things our government does when we aren’t paying enough attention. Example? Glad you asked.

From Shawn at the American Spectator’s blog, comes this story of aluminum bat banning fun. Or how about working hard to make sure that Angel Raich, a woman dying of cancer, can’t legally obtain the marijuana that eases her pain, gives her enough of an appetite to actually eat, and, essentially, makes living livable. Both of these stories represent time that the government spends doing things that government shouldn’t do: meddling to a completely unreasonable level in our lives.

Just sayin’.

Lakisha is safe. Gina is safe. Brandon looks worried. And for good reasons. He is in the bottom three for the evening.

Jordin Sparks is safe. Chris R is hideous. But he’s also safe.

Melinda is safe. Which, otherwise, would have been a horrible miscarriage of justice.

Phil is in the bottom three. Which makes sense.

Chris Sligh looks worried, too, but his goodwill carries him through an otherwise rough week.

Stephanie is safe. Blake is safe. Sanjaya or Haley? Can you really go wrong putting either of them at the bottom of the pile?

Catty aside: Diana Ross may no longer be spectacular, but she certainly is quite a spectacle.

That wasn’t very nice, was it?

Haley sits down because Andy had her number on speed dial. Or because Sanjaya was horrible yesterday--and, yet, he still gets to stay on the show.

Which is something close to criminal. Brandon didn’t sing or perform well enough to have survived much longer, but his vocals were miles above Sanjaya’s timid, unimpressive singing. For that matter, Haley’s performance was good only in comparison to Sanjaya’s. I’m starting to feel a little ill will toward the kid.

Brandon, though, goes out with class and dignity. He’s got a pretty voice--and, as the g-phrase would tell you, a pretty face--and he should have been on the show at least another week. Here’s hoping the future holds good things for the guy.


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