Wednesday, April 30, 2008

American Idol: The Spoiling it for People in the Wrong Time Zone Edition

It should have been Jason Castro going home tonight, but it wasn’t going to be. Before the show started I gave darling girl my guess and my guess proved correct: both girls in the bottom two and I’ll have to live a Brookeless existence from now on.

While Archuleta and Castro become more annoying as the show goes on, Brooke was a consistently warm presence on the show. Unfortunately, she hadn’t had a really good night in a few weeks and, on the strength of last night’s performance, she deserved to be in the bottom two (Jason just deserved the boot for being even worse).

We’ll miss her.

Against all odds, I must say that AI has produced a minor miracle: a singer whose songs I might well buy in the future. David Cook could well find a place in my digital record collection someday--I just hope that they don’t saddle him one of the terrifyingly bland singles that they make them sing at the end of every season.

Premature predictions going forward: Castro goes next week, Syesha goes the following week, and Cook wins. Of course, that might be underestimating the hordes of tweens who will vote twenty times each--hordes that might tip the balance in Archuleta’s favor.


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