Tuesday, April 10, 2007

American Idol: The “Let’s Pretend Sanjaya Doesn’t Exist” Edition

Jennifer Lopez, huh? Yeah, okay, that’s nice…

Simon was wrong about Melinda’s performance. It was understated and gorgeous--actually it was one of my favorites from her. She handled his criticism beautifully as well, showing a great sense. The almost uniformly good performances do rob us of a bit of drama, though, don’t they?

Lakisha sounded decent if not entirely convincing. The style is a near miss for her--it isn’t completely off, but it wasn’t quite right, either. Randy liked it, Paula is in my corner, and Simon pretty much nails it when he says it wasn’t great and he didn’t imagine that the home audience was going to get much out of the performance.

Now, a touchier subject: Paula complimented Lakisha’s wardrobe, but she shouldn’t have. She needs to make better wardrobe choices because it really does matter.

But she makes Chris R look like he doesn’t belong on the stage. Holy crap was that bad. Randy says it was “really good”, Paula says it was “sexy” and a “hot performance”, and Simon liked it better than the first two. Maybe it sounded different live, but home viewers were treated to a sub-Sanjaya (sorry) level performance that was messy and confusing in light of J Lo’s ignored advice.

Hell, unless Sanjaya (sorry) really lives down to his potential tonight, I would think that VoteForTheWorst.com has a new hero tonight. I’m shocked that the trio of judges all enjoyed that.

Damn, Haley’s hot. Since her singing is so forgettable, I say we just right off her performances and spend time talking about whatever body parts are left most exposed by her weekly costumes.

Nice legs, kid.

The trio of judges hammered Haley, which only sits wrong because they complimented Chris R. so heavily.

Jesus, tonight sucks. The songs are fine, but the last three singers--Phil, Haley, and Chris--have all been so horrendously bad that if it were a concert I would have walked out. If it were karaoke night at the local bar, I would be ordering shots just to survive the experience. This isn’t a comment on the individuals--they could all be the most wonderful people in the world--but these people can’t be million selling artists.

My level of crankiness is rising.

Thank God Jordin Sparks doesn’t make me angry enough to do an Elvis on my TV screen. Especially since it isn’t actually my TV screen and the girl would feel her level of cranky rising if I suddenly started using one of the weapons in the house to make my point about tonight’s musical selections.

Oh, and Jordin wasn’t so bad, she just wasn’t so good. My level of crankiness has subsided somewhat, but my level of boredom is skyrocketing.

Could Blake salvage what started out as a promising evening? Sort of.

Blake continues to be the best of the guys both vocally and as a performer; sadly, the bar has been set so low that this comes perilously close to damning with faint praise. While he sounded better than Blake and Phil, it wasn’t exactly an inspired performance, was it? Girlfriend was more impressed than I was, but, then, she’s not writing this little post is she?

Sanjaya (sorry).

Macintosh Geek Aside: For those of you who have recently switched to the Mac side of the force, here’s a site that you might want to check out daily. FreeMacWare.com features a new freeware program for your Macintosh and the archives have a ton of great utilities and applications (some of which have found permanent homes on my own hard drive). Not every day is a killer, but there are enough good offerings to keep me interested.

Which is more than I can say for American Idol.


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