Tuesday, February 26, 2008

American Idol: The I’m Eating Yellow Curry Edition. Yumm.

Update: A somewhat different point of view. Especially when it comes to David Archuleta. We were also very kindly linked by Deb. Thanks!

Thai Flavor yellow curry with chicken is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world--there is at least one place with curry that’s a little better on the other side of town, but Thai Flavor is damned good and relatively close.

So, while Paula Abdul celebrates her return to a recording career, I’ll be going, “Yummm, dawg. That was very brave curry.”

It’s guy night again--which, last week, was mostly painful. Hopefully tonight will be better. Michael Johns, the new love of my darling’s life, is up first and singing Fleetwood Mac. Not really a great choice and not a particularly good performance. I’d much rather be listening to Lindsey Buckingham sing this with all the emotion that he invested in those lyrics. He’s slipped to karaokeville, which is okay. His beauty will carry him through to next week.

Randy is nice and says that he’s a good singer. Paula says that he’s consistent. “Charismatic, you’re a seasoned performance...” Paula is high. Simon says it was okay, bad song choice, and that he was sort of coasting along. Amen, Simon, speak truth to Paula!

I still say that Jason Castro was pretty close to the top last week, and he’s decent this week, too. Not a great vocal performance--which is to say, not my personal taste--but I think he does what he does very well. What he does is sensitive neo-hippy with politically progressive dreads.

Randy sort of agrees that the vocals aren’t that strong, but that the act was “cute” and “charming”, but that it sounded a little karaoke. Which, what the hell? He thought that MJ was better? Fool. Paula wants him to be more vulnerable as an artist. He wants him to be brave. Simon slammed it big and hard. Heheh. Simon: Big and Hard. “You didn’t do yourself any favors tonight.”

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