Wednesday, April 27, 2005

American Idol: The Hilarious (Updated)

I have to admit: I’m shocked by this week’s vote.

Not Scotty. Not Anthony.

Although I kicked him for his performance last night, I would never have expected Constantine to be going tonight. On the positive side, it gave us the chance to watch his really, extra-special defiant final song. Giggle-worthy only because it sounded just as bad as it did last night.

Heheh. Funny.

Update: On a more important note, ResurrectionSong is the number one MSN search result for Super Happy Sex. How the hell cool is that?

I mean, it won’t stay that way, and it’s all Mark Morford’s fault, but let’s be honest: there’s nowhere better for you to go for Super Happy Sex.

Remember that. It could be important some day.


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