Wednesday, March 21, 2007

American Idol: Sanjaya’s Angry Revenge Edition

I think the question that is on everyone’s mind is this: will the crying girl be back tonight to grace us with her overdeveloped waterworks? Maybe that’s just the way that the parents fireproofed the child. Self-extinguishing children might be the next big trend in parenting.

Translation of Someone Else’s Aside: Embrace the lunacy!

Brad is not safe. But he’s pretty funny.

Melinda, Phil, and Blake are all safe. Which is no bad thing because Sanjaya needs to go home. Chris Sligh, Lakisha, and Jordan are also safe, bringing us just a little bit closer to heaven.

Haley, Sanjaya, and Gina are also not the bottom three. Which brings all of my hopes tumbling to the ground.

Which leaves Chris Richardson and Stephanie, neither of which would be a bad choice if Sanjaya’s Evil Mind Control Rays weren’t controlling the tweenage girls of the universe.

Damned, evil Sanjaya.


Special Bring Down Sanjaya Aside: While a hunger strike might be going a little too far (or, really, miles and miles too far), I’ll be voting for everyone who isn’t Sanjaya next week. Even the bad ones. Even the ones that I hate. Even if, through some miracle, Sanjaya actually performs beautifully next week. The only response is a concerted effort to drown out the children and the wrong bettors who are doing their best to keep Sanjaya in place.

As for the results tonight, the whiny voiced Chris R. stays over the uneven potential of Stephanie--which doesn’t feel like the right choice to me, but is a small injustice in comparison to Sanjaya’s continuing through to the next round. 


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