Wednesday, May 03, 2006

American Idol: May 3 (Damn You America! Damn You!)

Before the show started, I was fairly sure that Paris would be leaving the show tonight. Not that I thought that she deserved it, not because I wanted it to happen, but because she’s been near the bottom regularly. With just five contestants left there wasn’t much cover left.

Being right sucks on occasion.

Paris is vivacious, amazingly talented, cute, fun, and has the kind of voice that drives writers to mangle metaphors for. Or something like that.

I stand by my earlier statement: she would do better, artistically, without American Idol. It’s just unfortunate that she made it high enough that she probably owes them her first-born album before she can go and find out precisely what it is that she can bring to the world of music. One wasted album of over-produced, forgettable pop music before she can get serious about her craft.

Sure, Katherine is cuter, Chris is an easier sell, and Taylor is blessed with more charisma than I would have guessed the first time he walked in to audition. It’s near impossible to imagine that any of them will actually bring something memorable to the world of music. I think Paris has that potential, and I hope that her family helps her reach the heights that her talent suggests.


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