Wednesday, March 04, 2009

American Idol, March 4 2009: Someone’s Crying

Okay, so did America choose right? In putting Lil Rounds through to the next round, that’s a certainty. In fact, that makes it a good start to the night.

And in rejecting Arianna, they continued a good trend. It’s a shame for the kid, but she’ll be able to come back in the future when she’s better prepared. Taylor could have gone through and it wouldn’t have upset me in any big way, but she was most certainly not a standout--she was merely serviceable. Which was still better than most folks, but not particularly inspirational.

Alex Wagner-Trugman didn’t deserve a trip through, either, and I don’t think he needs to keep trying this particular career path. Nice kid, but I don’t see this being his future.

Now, America got it wrong when Scott MacIntyre was sent through. He simply wasn’t one of the best last night and it means that one of the other two worthy performances will miss out on this opportunity. I expected it, though, when the judges were so effusive with their praise. I feel a bit of a jerk for saying it, but as nice a guy and as great a story as it is, he just ain’t that good.

I was happy seeing Nathaniel and Kristen both going home. Neither of them performed well last night and neither of them deserved to continue.

Same could be said for Von Smith and Felicia, although I can’t help but think that Felicia has potential.

The bad thing is that I had hoped that both Jorge and Ju’not would be going through--I thought that both of them deserved to go through. I thought that both of them were significantly better than MacIntyre and both of them had a better chance of winning the show. I won’t complain that Jorge made it through; of the two he was at least fractionally better. But damned if Ju’not didn’t deserve to keep going tonight.

SAmerica gets it two-thirds right, which is about all you can expect when you consider how many Milli Vanilli and New Kids on the Block albums have been sold in this country (and that’s not even factoring in the unfathomable continuing popularity of “Rock Lobster").

So, yeah, about that wild card round…

Your competitors will be:

Von Smith? Wow. What a mediocre choice.

Jasmine Murray. Good call.

Ricky Braddy. Honestly, I don’t even remember the guy.

Megan Joy Corkrey. Which doesn’t hurt my feelings any. At all.

Tatiana. Freakin’ whores. Idiot whores. Bastards. I hate you, American Idol. What a fucking joke.

Matt Giraud. What the hell ever. Tatiana?

Jesse Langseth. This is actually a really good choice and I think she has a great chance of going through. But, still, screw you, American Idol.

Anoop Desai. I wouldn’t have chosen him, but it will make my girlfriend happy.

I still think that Ju’not, at very least, deserved the shot over a handful of these folks.


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