Thursday, March 26, 2009

American Idol, March 26, 2009: The Holy Hell There’s Some Snow Outside

So, when did they start lip-synching during the big, annoying musical numbers? Is that something that they’ve always done and I’ve just not been paying much attention?

Not the Ford infomercial portion of the evening--that’s just obvious--but the “hey, gang, let’s put on a show” bit. If you take my meaning.

None of which changes the fact that Reuben Studdard’s song sort of sucks, doesn’t it? What a generic, bland bit of pop crap. And the suit coat with white piping had all the class of a tuxedo t-shirt.

Which makes me sad since I’ve always liked Reuben. Nice guy.

Joss Stone is hot, though. I’d let her sing to me. I might even braid her hair. Unless Smokey Robinson came along and ruined it all.


Who is in the bottom three tonight? Known, from now on, as American Idol’s Ass End?

Safe: Adam Lambert. Kris Allen. Lil Rounds. Which, she’s lucky there were some really bad performances this week. Allison. Anoop. Danny. Because even Simon gets it wrong now and again. For some reason. Megan. Which proves that sometimes loveliness is more important than performances.

Not so safe: Matt G. Proving that America is sometimes smarter than the judges. Michael Sarver. Proving that some things are easily predicted. Scott Garfunkel. Who deserved it less than Megan, but really shouldn’t be in the competition.

Luckily for him, Scott is sent scurrying back to the safe zone--and I’m still probably right about who is getting the boot. Which, if you’re Candadian is pronounced “boot.” Which isn’t nearly as funny as would be if we were talking about the word “about.” For some reason.

They are breaking out the star power tonight, though, aren’t they? A little visit from Stevie Wonder is nice for everyone except me since I think he has a horribly nasal voice and writes songs that make me want to hit people in the face. Except “Superstition,” which is freakin’ awesome even when he sings it. I’ll pretend to ignore the shout out to our BiC (which probably doesn’t mean what you think it means--assuming you think it means anything, which it does, just not what you’re thinking).

And, yes, it’s Michael who is going home--and I don’t imagine the judges are even thinking about saving him this time around. As Simon said, he really isn’t good enough to win this thing. Wonderful personality and I hope he has a great life.

After much deliberation (more than I expected) they send Michael home. It was a much closer thing than I would have guessed, though, and his performance was better by a good bit this time around.


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