Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American Idol, March 18, 2009: The Results Get Sucked Into a Scary Ring of Fire Edition

Could the awful “Ring of Fire” be enough to submarine Adam Lambert today? It seems unlikely--and, if it does, don’t be surprised to see the judges break out the save a little earlier than they wanted to--but it was one of the strangest and most off-putting performances I’ve ever seen on the show.

If Adam isn’t the victim of the national vote tonight, though, I have a hard time imagining them saving any of the other singers tonight. Or, at least, not any of the others that seem likely to be pushed over the edge. Before we find out, though, we have to endure the sing and dance extravaganza that always makes me want to lash out wildly at the nearest high school drama troupe (but that might just be a me thing) followed swiftly by a Ford infomercial happily unfunded by massive bailouts from our phenomenally generous government.

Hooray bailouts!

Safe: Danny. Which is as it should be. Lil Rounds. With extra, post announcement squeakiness. Anoop. He’s so lucky he got that second chance. 

Not So Safe: Allison. Maybe she’s not pretty enough? For once, I don’t mean that with Extra Snark--I’m just surprised that she’s in the bottom three tonight. Sarver. Who just got Punk’d by Ryan Seacrest in a really cruel way.

Safe: Art Garfunkel. Which is fine. Megan. Because she is definitely pretty enough. Matt Giraud. Which he deserved (even if it wasn’t best of the night). Kris. Which is a matter of luck. Adam Lambert. Lucky bastard.

Not So Safe: Alexis. Which is reasonably well-deserved.

Who is staying? Alison. Definitely fair.
Brad Paisley bores me into changing to the station to the Nuggets game (which they are currently winning by one point with only 33.2 seconds left in the game (and an Alan Parsons Project song ("Sirius," in case you were wondering) playing in the background)).

Nuggets win.

If you missed last night’s performance, by the way, here’s video of Adam Lambert’s take on “Ring of Fire.” Seems a bit like what might happen if Queen covered the tune and absolutely nothing like Jeff Buckley, as Randy suggested.

Link for the embed-averse.

Now, finally, we find out who is going home. In theory. The judges have just thrown a kind of cruel safety net to the two contestants by admitting that one of them would be worth saving. If the other gets chosen, there will be a moment of hope followed by a sense of crushing rejection for the loser.


The loser tonight is Alexis Grace-- which I called yesterday. But will the judges save her? I hope so and the judges are giving her one last chance to sing for life.

The judges save their save for another time. Poor kid is going home which is a shame since Motown week could have been damned good for her.

Update: Dig Mr. Lady’s take.


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