Wednesday, March 11, 2009

American Idol, March 11 2009: Who Does America Hate?

Well, to be honest, I’m not so fond of Kanye West, but that’s not going to tell us who got the boot this week, is it? And it won’t tell us the super-secret twist that they were all squirrelly about yesterday, either.

Luckily for us, the twist is the first thing they’re talking about, and it’s precisely what I thought it might be: a change to the way that eliminations work. This year, the judges can save one singer from elimination--it can happen only one time and it has to be unanimous. I think that the real effect of this rule change will be to minimize the effect of the wrong bettors--those folks who vote for losers in hopes of keeping the show more entertaining by lowering the level of talent. I don’t know how much of a factor that is in the show anymore since the kinds of geeks who enjoy that game have probably moved on to some other anti-social behavior.

(For the record, I’m frequently a wrong bettor when I play craps. I have no qualms with betting against the roller.)

I wish the judges could use their extra-magic vote to save me from the pain of the group singing. But it can’t…

Now, back to Survivor: Hollywood. Now, where the hell did I leave my torch?

Disappointing Aside: RSong is not the number one search result for “Scott Macintyre Art Garfunkel.” Which is terribly surprising.

Did America get it right?

Jasmine and Megan are the first duo to be punished by Ryan Seacrest’s slow reading skills. Megan stays, Jasmine goes, and America gets this choice right--unless the judges play spoiler. Unfortunately, this means another trip through her painful reading of “I’ll be There” complete with pitch problems and lackluster performance. Which they don’t. Which they won’t. Thank God.

I would like to know why America didn’t vote Kanye West off the show, though.

Disturbing Aside: Does anyone else get the feeling that the brownshirt revivalist Putin Youth don’t indicate a warm and loving relationship between Russia and, you know, the rest of the world? Because, no joke, this kind of stuff worries the hell out of me. Maybe I’m just reading too much into it…

Nashi ("Ours") is the “largest of a handful of youth movements created by Mr. Putin’s Kremlin to fight for the hearts and minds of Russia’s young people in schools, on the airwaves and, if necessary, on the streets,” according to the New York Times.

Yeah, scary monsters.

Anyway, back to Alexis, who happens to be on TV right now. Hubba and hubba again.

Anoop Dogg and Jorge are victim pair number two. I don’t actually remember anyone talking about Art Garfunkel’s kid, which just proves that I should probably be paying more attention.

Now, before the pain for the pained pair is over, Kelly Clarkson is singing something about “My Life Would Suck Without Booze,” which may not be the most poetic line, but it sounds sincere. What? Is that the sound of me projecting yet again?

Jorge goes home and Anoop gets the reprieve. I’m not sure that Anoop deserved it, but I’m not surprised, either. As I said, his cuddliness saved him. It’s a shame for Jorge, though.

And, now, let’s switch over to the Nuggets where Darling Girl is attending the game with a friend of ours while I spend some more quality time with Xcode--which, in my limited view of such things, is a wonderful programming environment. It’s almost making learning Objective C into something fun for me.



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