Thursday, March 09, 2006

American Idol: Mar. 9

So, yeah, the new Bo Bice song is sort of like rock. Only with all the rock sucked out, leaving an empty, rockless husk of a song. If you take my meaning.

Luckily, Kellie is, indeed, a naughty little minx, which is enough to keep me happy.

While we wish Kinnick happy things in an American Idol-less future, and note that she handled her ouster with grace, I also have to thank Bryan for finding the one thing in my Oscar coverage that made me think that I might not be a complete waste at this whole writing thing.

And then we can say goodbye to Will, too. Which, for me, is a happy thing. Not that I wish the guy ill, but he’s no freakin’ American Idol, I tell you.

Ayla, on the other hand, I’ll miss. Mostly because she’s aggressive and focused and a little more interesting than most of the rest of the crowd. I didn’t think she would make it too far into the show, but I enjoyed watching her perform.


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