Wednesday, April 01, 2009

American Idol, April 1, 2009: The Isn’t That a Funny Day to Get Cut Edition

Lady who?

American Idol starts the evening by desecrating Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing"--the song that might be the high point of Western culture (unless, of course, it’s this blog)--and it is, indeed, painful. Ow. And why isn’t Randy playing bass? On a positive note, it’s nice to see them not lip-synching this week.

Anyway, David Cook is dropping by to sing his song, “Come Back to Me”, and to flaunt his rising fame while mocking the loser of the night. He’s mean that way. Luckily for the bemocked, the song is a little on the bland side (though his voice is still quite lovely) and the mocking probably won’t hurt too much.

Acting Like an Old Guy Aside: I really like that David Cook feller. He seems like such a nice young man.

Now, who is feeling feelings of insecurity?

Safe: Kris. Which, okey dokey. Matt G. Although Seacrest played him hard, yo. Lil Rounds. She certainly didn’t deserve to be in the bottom three, so that’s good. Adam Lambert. Yeah. Danny. Because everyone loves Danny. Scott. Again, that’s fair enough.

Not Safe: Megan, proving that I am at least 33% psychic. Or that her badness was tremendously obvious. Allison, who probably shouldn’t have worn that dress. Just sayin. Anoop. Yep.

I certainly don’t think Allison deserves to go home, but either Anoop or Megan could leave and it would seem pretty reasonable.

For the record, I’ll be surprised if it isn’t Megan going home. Her beauty will not be enough to save her this time.

Again, I say, Lady who?

I think I’d like to see a duet with Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert doing “Bohemian Rhapsody.” I don’t know if it would be good, but I guaranty the arrangement would be interesting.

Anyway, the person taking the highway to the safety zone is Allison--and all is right again in the world. Megan takes a brutal stab from Simon who doesn’t even offer the phantom opportunity of a save for her tonight. “You said that you don’t care and neither do we.” Simon doesn’t like it when people don’t show the proper respect, does he?


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